AI Smart Bike

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Optimise Your Training with the Smartest AI Bike

The AI technology algorithmically designs a workout to help you achieve your fitness goals based on your biometrics. Set goals and track progresses. Workout anytime at home with free access to different classes. Automatically adjusts resistance level for a smooth and effective riding experience. 

Personalised Workout for All

The bike tailors to your biometrics and power to algorithmically create personalized training programs. It automatically alters resistance based on your level, power output, goals, and cadence to get the best results. Making this bike suitable for ages 15 to 70 years old in any fitness level.

Free App with 70+ Classes

The AI GYM app contains 70+ courses, and 5 different training modes. Coach Video Classes, Power Training Programs, HD Scenic Rides, and so much more. No membership required. 

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Next Level Precision

Unlike the average electromagnetic resistance technologies, Renpho uses Smart Motor Damping Resistance - a reverse-engineered electric vehicle technology. The result is a truly precise resistance and real-time power calculation with ≥90% accuracy, that adjusts automatically, smoothly and smartly.

Safety Ensured

Equipped with enclosed wheels and a smooth freewheel design, rider can coast along like a real ride, without worrying about catching its wheel on clothes, feet, pets, or children. 

Ergonomic Comfort

The larger, cushioned seating allows for longer or more intensive training with comfort. Ergonomically positioned handlebars allow riders to ride as a spinning bike or an exercise bike to suit to your specific training.